What to Bring

Bible, note paper, pencil or pen
Bug repellent
Camera (optional)
*Swimsuit (modest one-piece swimsuit)
Pillow, sleeping bag, or bedding
Towels, soap, shampoo, personal hygiene items
**Appropriate clothing and shoes

Do Not Bring

MP3 players
Video games
Tobacco products

You may bring cell phones, but you are solely responsible for loss, theft, or damage.
Their use will be at the discretion of the deans.

* Appropriate cover up will be required if wearing a two piece swimsuit.
** Camp can be messy, cold, hot and rainy. Please dress appropriately for your specific week.


Thank you for allowing your child to attend NEICSC!
We have some information that you might want to know, as well.

Visitor Policy

Visitors are welcome at camp, but please check in with the camp director or dean. All visitors must leave the camp grounds following the evening chapel service.

Camper Mail

You can send letters (or packages) to your camper at the following address during the week that they are attending.

(Camper’s Name)
19268 Forest Ave.
Dumont, IA 50625

Severe Weather

Iowa is known for severe weather throughout the year. We have taken a number of precautions to keep all of the campers and staff safe.

The camp has 3 NOAA weather alert radios. We are also on the Butler Co. call list. When a tornado warning is in effect for Butler Co. we immediately seek shelter in the storm shelters. We will communicate with family members via Facebook. Please do not try to contact the camp. All updates will be made as prompt and public as needed. We are very proactive when it comes to the unpredictable severe weather.