Growing for the Future 

NEICSC has gone through some dramatic changes in the last eight years. And in moving the camp forward into the future, the Board of Trustees has approved a 5-year, 3 phase plan for the construction of a new complex. We hope that this will help us continue our mission, which is "to win people of all ages to Christ and build them up in their Christian faith and life."

This Capital Campaign is to replace the current boy's dorm with a heated and air-conditioned, year-round dorm, which is capable of housing both boys and girls separately.

Specific Building Plans

Here are some of the official plans for several of the projects. We are currently raising money for the dorm, which is Phase 1 of the plan.

Dorm Elevation Plan
Dorm Floor Plan
Storm Shelter Plan
Discipleship Center Plan
Kitchen & Dining Area Plan

Want to help?

Give towards the dorm project

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Checks can be mailed to the following address:

19268 Forest Ave.
Dumont, IA.50625